There is a universal love library. Ones love is like a collection of books, sometimes people forget to bring them back on time or re-check them out and you suffer heavy fines. There are only a certain amount of ‘best sellers’ available but there are enough books to go around, it’s just we often want to read the same ones. The death of love is merely an exchange of books. Love never goes anywhere, it is just shelved until the next inquisitive ‘reader’ comes along.

When troubled thunder seeks torn asunder

Through clouds of anger glows adherent wonder

Send a whisper to the Moon

Tormented reply

Twenty six long days go by

Say your goodbyes, and send a whisper to the Moon

Pick up your ear and hold it skyward

On tip toes three hundred and eleven hours unanswered

No whisper from the Moon

The void between

Much larger than had seemed

Will bring scale to your struggles, as dreamed

Send that whisper to the Moon

Lazy Jane

I find this just delightful.
Lazy Jane
Poem by Shel Silverstein

Today, I downloaded the newly released Radiohead album ‘The King of Limbs’. I decided to tweet a single thought about each track as I listened. I am recording them here for posterity.

Track 1 - Bloom. Sounds of ‘The Eraser’ instantly permeate. My arms resemble chicken skin.

Track 2 - Morning Mr Magpie. Familiar cadence. My foot may be tapping a different beat, my rhythmical impotence cares not.

Track 3 - Little by little. Controlled panic. Nursery rhymelike chorus. Is this ‘The Eraser’s Amnesiac?

Track 4 - Feral. Yorkes voice is an instrument. Colin’s bass is sublime. I have just become aware of my head bobbing.

Track 5 - Lotus Flower. Second listen after watching Thom’s earlier video of Tilda Swinton in a bowler hat. I’m being seduced.

Track 6 - Codex. It’s the little things that get me. Thom is making love with the piano. I feel delicate.

Track 7 - Give up the ghost. There should be a guitar effects pedal called ‘Thom’s voice’. He layers it beautifully.

Track 8 - Separator. Swirling harmonics tease. I know this is the last one. I look at the track length. I try and pause time.

That was the longest kiss. 37 minutes and 29 seconds of rapture for my aural receivers. Thank you @radiohead #kingoflimbs

Pale Blue Dot

Mars is all Red,

Earth is Pale Blue,

Look close that dot,

For on it sits you.

On the 14th February 1990 Voyager 1, having completed its primary mission, turned around to looked back at us and took this humbling image of the Earth.

‘A mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam’ - Carl Sagan